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Typically form follows function, but in this case we have a dead heat. Cloud is a unique form constructed from interlocking profiles designed to be easy to assemble and install. Add drama to your space whilst simultaneously improving acoustics by utilising Lumeah's powerful sound absorption properties. Supplied with all the hardware you need to easily DIY install, Cloud is a perfect solution to your sound and aesthetic needs.


  • SIZE: 55”W x 55”L x 9"H overall

    THICKNESS: 0.5”

    WEIGHT: 21lb

    MATERIAL: 100% polyester cloud, Stainless steel suspension fittings

    CLEANING: Bleach cleanable

    MOUNTING: Hung with steel cables from adjustable ceiling fittings

    SUGGESTED INSTALL: Screw adjustable fittings into ceiling (ensure secure fitting into ceiling), thread cable through fitting and adjust cloud to desired height. See install guide for more details on assembly and install.

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